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A flipthrough of my Hobonichi

since January I am documenting my life in my Hobonichi and I couldn’t be happier with this ‘format’ and size. And since it makes me so happy, I figured you might like a “flipthrough of my Hobonichi” to see what this is all about?!

Hobonichi Revlie

Apparantly this works the best for me, since I am happy to continue working in it. In the ‘old days’ I used to scrapbook (were you a scrapbooker?). But all those big ‘layouts’ and ‘designs’ kinda overwhelmed me, which resulted in me not doing it anymore. But I missed documenting. I just didn’t miss all the ‘design’ stuff about it.

Hobonichi Revlie

sometimes I have soooo much to tell. And sometimes I just want to play. All is good.

Hobonichi Revlie

I wanted to just write it down and make it cute and not fuss about it too much. Because that takes all the positive energy out of creating for me! I seriously love stickers, beautiful papers, stamps, embellishments and all that good stuff that comes with scrapbooking / art journaling. And I’m just combining it all together. It feels like a diary but than with cute stuff and sometimes pictures in it!

Hobonichi Revlie

Hobonichi Revlie

As you can see, I have lots of stuff lying around me on my desk and I just grab & go! I love to write my titles in pencil and than use watercolors to color them in. Than I make it pretty with stickers here and there. Of course I already ‘save space’ for my journaling. Everyday I jot in pencil a bit down what happened that day (because when I sit down to create in my Hobonichi, I seriously don’t even remember what I did yesterday, let alone a week before!). I love to work on a few pages at a time. Sometimes I print a few small pictures to go with it. But I simplyt don’t make it too difficult for myself. Because then I will fall of the bandwagon! It has to be fun & easy!

So to let you see how my little Hobonichi looks like, I have made a little flipthrough video which is over on my YouTube! Click on the picture below to go to the Flipthrough of my Hobonichi video!

Hobonichi Revlie

I hope you loved it and let me know if you want to know more!



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