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Artjournal ideas

Artjournaling with paste, stencil & watercolors

another fun, easy & quick Art Journal video from me for Birgit’s Art Crew, August 2018!!

I have found this cute, easy & stunning technique while using a stencil, modeling paste & watercolors! YES watercolors! when you use your stencil when the watercolors are still wet, it gives a stunning color effect to the modeling paste! Watch my video to see how easy it is 🙂

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Art journaling with stencil, pencil and watercolors

another fun & easy project i made for Birgit’s Art Crew as a Guest Designer. this time i choose to use one single stencil and lots of green & blue watercolors. this page is so very easy & quick to make! watch the fun little video i made and get your creativity going!ce fears”.

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Fun Art journal collaboration with my sweet friend Andrea!

oh, i had such fun doing this Art Collaboration with my sweet & very talented friend Andrea Gomoll from Cre8tive Cre8tions. make sure you check out her website, she has some crazy fun & lovely online classes and has the cutest stamps!

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Art Journal ideas You Got This

How to use acrylic paint in your art journal with your hands!!

oh yes, how I love just using my hands & acrylic paints! and ofcourse mark making with all my favorite posca pens!

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