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Dare REV it up

to stay sane, I create as much as I can. creating means FREEDOM to me. my mind wanders off to a happy place, and I forget all the frightening stuff that is happening around us now (Coronavirus 2020). and since I would want to give you all the freedom of creating in flow, I came up with a weekly FREE dare, a challenge “REV IT UP”.

REV IT UP dare

every week I will post a challenge on my blog. you can sign up for my newsletter especially for this dare, so you can receive a little heads up when the new DARE is live! you will receive a lovely newsletter every week on Friday with a dare in it. I will show you what I have made. It will be a prompt and some sort of an assignment / idea for you to make.

my idea is to have fun with every assignment. to GIVE YOURSELF PERMISSION TO PLAY. to look forward to every week when the new idea for you to create comes popping up in your email. that way I hope to inspire you to break that blank page, escape a bit from reality, we can keep our little hands busy and our head full of creative energy.

a little sneak of the first Dare which started April 24, 2020. But you can join whenever you want! You can reach the archive here (or sign up for free and you will receive everything in your inbox 🙂

REV IT UP Dare no. 1 PLAY

if you think you can need some extra inspiration & a weekly creative email to look forward to, then please join us and sign up for this free dare via this link.