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Don’t compare yourself with others

Don’t compare yourself with others. The most common mistake who people make when it comes to creativity is that they are comparing themself to some stranger on the internet, DON’T! You have your own style, even when you still have to figure out what that style is.

I created this art journal page a few years ago. I can see how much my style has evolved ever since I started creating girls. so if you are just starting out: give yourself permission to play. to learn. to change. to adapt. to slowly but steady create your own signature style. ⠀

This is my art journal page from a few years ago.there is no deadline to be made here. there is no finish line. just create & love everything you make. even if you know you are still learning. i am still learning. we all are still learning. compare yourself with yourself a year ago and see the progress you made. don’t compare yourself with others, to some stranger on the internet. <- still a lesson for me too!


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