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Easy watercolor in your art journal #4



Easy watercolor in your art journal #4. ohhhh my next video “easy watercolor with Revlie” is up on my youtube and i have to tell ya, it’s the cutest! i’ve made my cute little up-side-down galaxy girl for you! this time it’s a LONG video, almost an hour! but don’t worry! for those of you who are always in a hurry (slow down by the way!), can also check out my quick version of it! maybe you get a little bit dizzy by my amazing speed, but hey, that’s what you asked for!

SO FOR THE NORMAL (LONG) VERSION (speed up time 2x) check out this one:



AND FOR THE SHORT VERSION (speed up time 6x) check out this one:


and because i’m thinking you need to seeeeeeee it all more closely, here are some cute pics:


and because this smarty pants wasn’t paying attention, i got some pics while she was standing up. duh. ofcourse she needed to be hanging down. but you’ll get the idea <3.


Easy watercolor in your art journal #4

SERIOUSLY, how cute is she?! one day i’m hoping to get my hair exactly like her!

so, you were wondering, supplies used hey?!

strath more visual journal
watercolors (Jane Davenport and Winsor & Newton)
black pen (micron)
white acrylic marker (Molotow)
Tombow markers
and of course a pot of water


so, let me know what you think, get your art journal out there, stop scrolling the internetzzzzz people and start CREATING!!


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