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Free e-book “Bye Facebook, Hello Focus”

Free e-book “Bye Facebook, Hello Focus” – do you remember that a while ago (a year!) I had a nice challenge “bye Facebook, Hello Focus” ?! that was really nice and many people participated. The sweet messages I received afterwards were heart-warming! There was time again for playing their musical instrument, hobby, reading and even a complete study was resumed.

Free e-book “Bye Facebook, Hello Focus”

and that all just because I had come up with a nice challenge to become (more) aware of your online behavior (hiiiiiii, got you!).

the nice news is: I have completely transformed this 7-day challenge into a super handy ebook with worksheets in Dutch & in English. Hallelujah.

sounds good huh?! curious how I do it all in just those 24 hours a day? Sleep is for suckers anyway! go grab your free e-book. sign up below and you will receive this e-book (with the very secret time making formula!) in your mailbox 🙂





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