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Friday is Playday!

friday is playday! I love to be in my studio. think up new classes. ideas for washi tape. my own stickers, coloring pages. there is so much I want to create, too much to just ‘mention’ and create. But one by one I am creating all my ideas and making them a reality. And than all of a ‘sudden’ there emerges a company! I have over these years, created online classes, my own line of art journals, mixed media kits + classes, stickers and a real cute sweet little enamel pin. That’s the way it goes. A lot of crumbles make for a sandwich too right?! Step by step there is more and more. You just don’t have to expect that you can create something in 1 go. And don’t fall in the trap of thinking that something happens ‘overnight’. Dedication, commitment, tweaking and keep going. don’t give up. That is what being a (creative) entrepeneur is all about. But most important too: make time for you! to have fun, create and do you own thing!

so for me FRIDAY is PLAYDAY! How is Friday for you?

Studio Revlie























Look, me at Friday is Playday mood 😀

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