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10 facts about me

hi! I am Revlie! – 10 facts about me:

?I can’t wear my hair down. just can’t, I FEEL LIKE I’M COOKING, so freaking hot. So a bun usually has to do

?I am a hoarder of art supplies and have so much difficulty throwing things away, because the next day I just needed THAT. don’t go Marie Kondo on me!

?⁣I am a Diabetic Type 1 Warrior. yes. Diabetics are warriors.

?⁣I am very enthousiastic and ACT before I THINK and that sometimes bites me in the butt

?⁣I am very loud. according to my teenager 🙂

?⁣I own 3 companies now and I still feel like I am a newbie, although I’ve been an entrepeneur for 19 years now :OPicture of Revlie taken by @sungisook

?⁣I⁣ am very very impatient. are we there yet?!

?I am afraid of flying. Alanis Morrisette’s song “isn’t it Ironic” always comes to mind. I do fly though, but I shit my pants

?I am very clumbsy. I hurt myself at cabinets I open and hit my head on (because my head is faster than my arms, and I simply give a headbutt to the cabinet door), I can trip over a pedestrian crossing, furniture seems to move into my path when I walk through the room. never not bruised.

?⁣⁣I am very fanatic when it comes to games. I am undefeated at Rummikub because I just confuse people with all my moves. hehe. let my kids win? NEVER. I am that sweet.

These were 10 facts about me. how about you?!

{picture nu @sungisook ?}

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