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very honest & very vulnerable post.

very honest & very vulnerable post. I feel like, if I show how things DON’T work out, maybe you out there don’t feel like you are the only one when it just doesn’t work the way you wanted it.⠀

March 22 was going to be MY DAY. My event “Creator of Your Happy Life”. when preparing I was very enthousiastic & felt so much energy. I had seen other (online) entrepeneurs organize events and they sold out and I was determined: I am going to rock my event, and I can help so many people! ⠀

But as I was active with all the stuff that comes with organizing an event, I felt worse and worse. I got nervous, anxious and afraid. What if I could not pull this off? that would be a massive embarrassment. ⠀

But guess what? After promoting in all kinds of ways, not much really happened. And that added to my growing feeling what the heck I was doing?!⠀

I wrote down what it was in live I really wanted. and WHY was I even thinking of organizing this event? Mostly because I just want to HELP. I got a lot of questions from other entrepreneurs and I felt the urge to help. But I also wanted to be seen. Honest here: I needed the attention and the confirmation that I am an entrepreneur for 19 years now & I could help other sweethearts live their best live. But in stead, I was not doing so myself! Major wake up call.⠀
My event was cancelled, this was not a mistake but a big lesson.
Once again (my biggest pitfall) I was following not my dream, but the dream I THOUGHT I needed to have and follow. I decided that it was so okay to choose my own path. I wanted to create “just” stationery. art. & illustration. No I don’t need to “live my mission in this world” in the way that I need to “help other people live their happy lives”. I can make other people happy with my art, which is ENOUGH. ⠀

Was this a mistake? NO WAY! a big lesson? YES. for me again, realizing I was on a side track once again. Looked up to other (online) entrepreneurs too much and did not stay with my own feelings, wishes and dreams. I’ve cancelled my event. Lesson learned. Stay close to your own dreams & don’t feel embarrassed living a ‘normal’ live, not necessary shine your light to help others. you are helping others by living your own dream too. very honest & very vulnerable post.

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