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12 weeks Art Journaling Class Love & Free Yourself More

this online class is 100% in Englishwe’ll start October 23, 2017!

Learn how to Love & Free yourself more, through art journaling.

If this is you:

  • i want to create so badly, but i simply do not have the time!
  • i feel less creative and feel overwhelmed by all the creatives out there
  • i want to love myself more and live a positive & happy SELF CREATED life but i don’t know how!
  • i look up to other creatives online because they look more creative / smart / wise/whatever…
  • other people’s lives on Facebook and Instagram rock i feel my life doesn’t meet up
  • i have so many dreams, but no time to even start writing them down?
  • i want to live more free & do the things that matter to me every single day

would you rather just love yourself. free yourself from all your limiting believes and create anything & everything you love?!

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • you are going to give yourself permission to play
  • you will be creative on a daily basis, you are going to claim your ME time
  • you will learn how to say NO
  • you will deal with your limiting believes in a creative way
  • you will stop finding excuses, and find reasons why being creative on a daily basis is good for your soul
  • you are going to trust, breath & let go
  • you are going to face your fears in a save way
  • you are going to find out how it feels if you start your day with positivity
  • being grateful is going to be your mantra
  • you will write your 4 year old self a healing letter
  • you are going to learn that it is OK to make mistakes
  • you are going to play courageous
  • you are going to learn how to choose happiness
  • FOCUS is going to be your middle name
  • you are going to visualize the life you love and dream of

Most importantly:

you are going to work on loving yourself more for 12 weeks. through art journaling. this is NOT a ‘normal’ art class! I will NOT teach art techniques. but you will see my interpretation and how I made my art journal for every week. In speed up and realtime video’s, so everybody can enjoy watching at their preferred pace.

the art video’s are there to motivate you, to get you going, to have an idea, to get your motor running <3. every week we’ll ‘tackle’ another theme. there’s NO RIGHT OR WRONG way to do this!

After purchasing, I will send you an email with your login information to the class room 🙂