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New mixed media class for kids

sweethearts! the last Kids Online Class Mixed Media was such a huge success! So I am making a New Mixed Media class for kids! I’m preparing everything now (from choosing materials, writing supplylists and tips for cheaper products!, filming the video’s and editing them, putting everything in my shop to shouting it out on social media!). There’s a lot to be done when creating a brand new online class. You can still buy the kit (unless it is sold out now), or the separate online class!

Mixed Media Birds Revlie

And last one I’ve received the most beautiful testimonials of mothers! “she loved working free so so much! Because at school she always have to go back to her desk. Because the teacher thinks it is not finished yet, or something is not good. And now, everything is OK! She really enjoyed this class – Marielle”. You must understand, when you receive testimonials like this, my heart skips a beat. This is exactly why I offer these mixed media classes for kids. To let them feel the freedom of creating. They can create freely without anybody telling them something is wrong, something has to change or they didn’t do it good enough. Perfectionism is not in my vocabulary and neither should it be when you are a kid. You just have to enjoy yourself and create masterpieces!

So yes, I am creating a brand new mixed media class for kids. And this time the theme is ‘BIRDS’ and I am adding a bit journaling to it too. Hopefully the kids can express themselves a bit this way.  ? ?

Are you already interested, shoot me a DM so I can reserve a kit for you (those sell out fast!). Are you interested to look at my other online classes? You can find them HERE.

Happy creating!

Mixed Media Birds Revlie Mixed Media Birds Revlie

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