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10 random facts about me

Revlie 10 Random Facts

hey you! why not throw in 10 random facts about me! and tell me a few about you too in the comments!!

1. i am afraid to fly. i DO fly, but it freaks me out. inside.

2. i can’t watch horror movies. even the trailers make me scare the shit out of the living daylight. i did gave birth to a child who LOVES the most creapiest horror movies. she is in love with Penny Wise. nough said.

3. i keep buying cooking books but almost never use one of the recipes. why? because when i read the ingredients, i don’t know half of what it is or where the frig you can buy that freaky stuff.

4. i am diabetic type 1 since the summer of 2015. i am doing ‘kinda’ OK. it is a daily struggle though. not only when you eat. it is ALWAYS there.

5. i am saving up money to buy a T1 (see! what a nice match 🙂 Volkswagen van. they simply have my name written allllll over them.

6. i HATE almost all sports, but love to watch them on TV. i did run a 5K ‘contest’ though!

7. i am the horrible of horriblest housewives out there. kids have to be glad they are fed & still alive 🙂

8. i iron nothing…. the ironing thingie and board are even still at the company. somewhere. waiting to come home to their new home. not picking them up!

9. when i was younger i seriously dreamed of living abroad. in a lovely warm country and start a lunchroom. or something. fact is: i don’t like the sun to much, prefer the shade and cooler temperatures, and usually in those countries the sun & heat is very much there most of the day. so i have no chance. ha.

10. a few years ago, i felt so extremely awkward when walking in a store, and walking out WITHOUT buying something, that most of the time i ended up buying random studip stuff. yes. i did let that crazy feeling go. it would make me go bankrupt 😀

That were 10 random facts about me, how about you?!!


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