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Rev it up Dare No. 1

oh my goodness, the very first REV IT UP DARE is here! Like I have explained: I love to inspire and spark a little joy for creating for my sweet online friends! Yes you are! And I also figured wouldn’t it be a fabulous idea to spark a little creativity & joy every single week. It doesn’t have to be complicated or hard. But just a fun little weekly ‘exercise’ to get your creative motor running. Sometimes you just need a little push to get going, amiright?

So without further ado, I present to you my prompt of this week!

Prompt: PLAY

Exercise: CIRCLES

I came up with this page

REV IT UP Dare no. 1 PLAY

How did I make this page?

REV IT UP Dare no. 1 PLAY

First I made sure to create a colorful watercolor background, on this background I will glue my page with circles.

REV IT UP Dare no. 1 PLAY

Create a few watercolor circles on a separate piece of (watercolor) paper. I have used watercolors from Prima Marketing (Pastel Dreams & The Classics). Of course add some lovely watercolor splashes.

REV IT UP Dare no. 1 PLAY

fun little tip: you can use some simple salt to add some extra effect to your watercolors. you can brush it off when it is completely dry.


REV IT UP Dare no. 1 PLAY

for the title I decided to use another scrap of watercolor paper. I will cut every letter out by hand and tape them with double sided foam tape.


REV IT UP Dare no. 1 PLAY

now this took me a bit of practice! If you are not sure you can pull it off, just like me, use a scrap of paper to cut some circles out (not completely! because you want them to stay attached to the paper). If you are confident, then dive into your ‘good’ paper. And remember: there is ALWAYS more paper, so just go for it! I am okay with it not being perfect. You can see it is handcut, and that is totally fine by me!


REV IT UP Dare no. 1 PLAY

Now it is time to glue the page with the half cut out circles on your colorful background. I’ve also glued my letters with the double sided foam tape on there & added some extra cute little hearts. You can now write some cute stuff in your circles! And add some extra watercolor on the sides.


REV IT UP Dare no. 1 PLAY

nothing written under them, just so you can see that my circles are cut out WAY FROM PERFECT. and that is totally fine!

REV IT UP Dare no. 1 PLAY

I have written everything that came to my mind when I thought of the word PLAY. It is an important word for me. As adults we kinda lost our ideas how to play. My tagline is “give yourself permission to PLAY”, and that is all what this free dare / challenge is all about!


REV IT UP Dare no. 1 PLAY

My words in my circles! These are the words / phrases that came to my mind thinking about the word PLAY:

  • give yourself permission to play
  • at least 1 hour per day to play
  • perfection kills creativity
  • experiment
  • there is always more paper
  • my art journals sparkle creativity
  • art journaling feeds my soul

REV IT UP Dare no. 1 PLAY

so this was my very very first REV IT UP DARE. I hope you liked it and I mostly hope you are going to play along! If you want me to see your beautiful creations (and I cannot wait to see them!), you can tag me on Instagram with @revlie but you can also use the hashtags #revitup #revitupdare #revitup2020 #revitupdare2020 #revlie #thecreativeplayground. I will & come looking for you to give some love!

Thanks again so so much for PLAYing along. I hope you had a great time and I’ll see you next week!




6 reacties op “Rev it up Dare No. 1

  1. Sheetal says:

    wow.. this is so so amazing..
    So glad i signed up for this.. 🙂

  2. Revlie Schuit says:

    thanks so much sweet Sheetal! Happy you enjoyed it! Rev

  3. anja says:

    Leuk projectie. Ik ben bijna klaar. Ik heb er een kaart van gemaakt. En behalve achter elk deurtje een aardig woord doe ik er ook een dingetje in dat er uit valt ter verrassing: een vlinder een kasplantje een bijtje enz

  4. Revlie Schuit says:

    oh that is a great idea Anja, happy you liked it!!!

  5. Lizzie says:

    Thanks for this Revlie. I have painted my background and will attempt my circles later. I only hope they turn out as colourful as yours.

  6. Revlie Schuit says:

    thanks so much Lizzie, I am sure they will turn out beautiful <3

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