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REV it up dare no. 9

hello sweethearts! REV IT UP time! This week it is all about MOVE. MOVING. and I thought it was perfect to make a lovely art journal page about me trying to MOVE my body every single day. by walking that is. I am not that big of a sport woman :O. The journaling is in Dutch:

Walking for about an hour every single day feels so good. A moment for me to clear my head and listen to my favorite podcasts of Amy Tangerine, Sunny Lenarduzzi, Cathuy Heller, The Creative Peptalk or Katnipp (the last one via Patreon). And a lovely bonus is that my blood levels always drop when walking. Sometimes that is not so fun, because I end up with an hypo…

Do you walk daily? Do you sport? What is your thought when you think of the word ‘MOVE’. Maybe you don’t even think about moving your body, but something else. Maybe moving house!

for now, here’s to another week, another creative play for you!

Prompt: MOVE

Exercise: doodle!

I came up with this page

REV IT UP Dare no. 9 MOVE

How did I make this page?

REV IT UP Dare no. 9 MOVE

I got my favorite art journal out, and than decided to use:

  • watercolors Bold & Bright from Art by Marlene
  • Posca pen black and white (PC-3M 0.9 – 1.3 mm bullet shaped (for the doodling)
  • White pen Uniball signo (for the journaling)

REV IT UP Dare no. 9 MOVE

Start with the background. Adding water & lots of watercolor, of course in all my favorite colors!

REV IT UP Dare no. 9 MOVE

I love it when the watercolors run into each other making new beautiful colors!

REV IT UP Dare no. 9 MOVE

wait till your background is dry OR get out your heat gun 🙂

REV IT UP Dare no. 9 MOVE

once your background is really dry, you can start your doodling! I love to doodle directly with pen on my watercolors. If you are not to sure you can either use your pencil first, or try your doodle design on a scrap piece of paper! I prefer posca pens to doodle with, because those tips are really strong and can write over all my mediums!

REV IT UP Dare no. 9 MOVE

when I doodle I just love to start in the middle with a circle, and I build up my ‘doodle’ from there. Adding all sorts of leaves, circles, dots and triangles. Whatever I think of at that moment. There is no real plan.

REV IT UP Dare no. 9 MOVE

And doodling makes me feel so very zen! If you love it too, it is perfect to ‘save’ for when you want to sit on the couch & watch TV for example. You can make a few backgrounds in advance (in your art journal, or maybe on tags). Than when you don’t really feel like creating, but do want to do something, you can sit & watch your favorite tv show & doodle the night away!

REV IT UP Dare no. 9 MOVE

just keep adding stuff untill you are satisfied. You can fill up the whole page if you want to. I wanted to create the title too & some journaling, so I thought this was about the size the doodle would need to be.

REV IT UP Dare no. 9 MOVE

I let the black lines of my doodle dry and start writing my journaling. I have done this with the white uniball signo pen. But that is a really light white pen. So when that was dry, I wrote over it again, to make the white a bit more pop.

Also I have written the title. First with pencil, than the outlines with my black posca pen. Make sure you dry the black posca pen before you add the white posca pen. Otherwise you’ll end up with grey 🙂

REV IT UP Dare no. 9 MOVE

And now onto the details of your doodle! It is fun to use lots of small circles too, so you can add your white perfectly to the center of them!

REV IT UP Dare no. 9 MOVE

Of course you can add as many white dots and stripes as you want too. I noticed my white became a bit light pink. That strong is the pigment of the watercolor set from Art by Marlene. So simply go over it again, when it is dry of course.

REV IT UP Dare no. 9 MOVE

I have also added white to the title between the black lines, again: after they are dry 🙂

REV IT UP Dare no. 9 MOVE

See, the journaling is a bit more bright if you write over it twice. Maybe you don’t need to.

REV IT UP Dare no. 9 MOVE

And tada. There it is. Your super quick and simple art journaling page with watercolors (duh 🙂 and doodles!

some more pictures:

REV IT UP Dare no. 9 MOVE REV IT UP Dare no. 9 MOVE REV IT UP Dare no. 9 MOVE REV IT UP Dare no. 9 MOVE REV IT UP Dare no. 9 MOVE REV IT UP Dare no. 9 MOVE

so this was already my NINETH REV IT UP DARE. I had so much fun creating this one. It has been a long time since I have doodled, and I thought of that while creating this page. I had so much fun, that of course I plan to doodle a whole lot more!

I hope you liked this dare and I mostly hope you are going to play along! If you want me to see your beautiful creations (and I cannot wait to see them!), you can tag me on Instagram with @revlie but you can also use the hashtags #revitup #revitupdare #revitup2020 #revitupdare2020 #revlie #thecreativeplayground. I will & come looking for you to give some love!

Thanks again so so much for PLAYing along. I hope you had a great time and I’ll see you next week!



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