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Revlie, dutch Artist, creative life motivator & inspirator

hi! so happy you visit my site! Please feel at home and check all the stuff that’s here!

let me introduce myself a bit:
Revlie Schuit –  1974 – Artist – Diabetic Type 1 Lada (since 2015) – blond gone pink – live with hub Arjan and our 2 muppets: Sanne (2003) and Ruben (2007) – Netherlands – company owner – stubborn but o so sweet – chocolate – Vichy handcream – imac – colors, lots of! – handmade – paint – art journal – mixed media – creative planning – scrapbook – sew – crochet – tulips- pinterest – blogging – i don’t do well when i eat carbs – i should go to bed more early than i do now – and i’m clumbsy – that about sums it all up …

In the daytime my hub & me run our company for Secretarial Services and Customers Services together, with 10 employees! I hired one of the most amazing Managers and she runs the show for me. That way I can focus as much as I can on being a creative business owner, create art & online art classes! And of course Arjan & I chase after Sanne & Ruben trying to raise them :).

Every day I work on I’m working hard to become a fulltime creative business owner + Artist. And for me, with all dreams, i know i can be that fulltime artist. I’m going for it, and everyday i feel more happy about the status i’m at. Remember: you can be anything you want!

i so love to teach other people that they can TOO be creative. i get this a lot: “yes, YOU can make that, because you are very creative, but i’m not…”. seriously peeps. STOP saying that. i’m NOT more creative than anybody else on this world. i simply nurture my creativity. i feed it. i embrace it. everybody is creative in it’s own unique way. you just HAVE TO LET GO of the feeling to be perfect (what’s perfect anyway?) and GIVE yourself the beauty of creating. trust me, it’s so worth it. let go of those negative feelings. just start and let the flow of creating brings you places. it really is such a wonderful way of living.

Besides feeling the need to be creative on a daily basis, I’m a choc-aholic, I talk too much and I laugh too loud, I bite my nails when I’m nervous (yes I know…), I am very clumbsy, furniture seems to move in my direction when I walk by, I’m stubborn if something is in my head, you will not get it out– you can bribe me with wine & chocolate though ;).

I really have created my own Creative Happy Life and I would love to teach you to do the same!

if you have any questions, ideas, suggestions or just want to talk to me, please feel free to leave me a message or email me!

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