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speed doesn’t matter. forward is forward.


Speed doesn’t matter. forward is forward

{photo by Sungi Photography}

speed doesn’t matter. forward is forward! struggling with that sometimes… let’s be honest. don’t we all see other people running their races waayyyyy faster than we do? reaching their goals for, what it feels like, zero effort…. like they have a dream, tell you about it, and BANG, there it is. in your face. realized by them in a split second. and you are like “whuuuutttt????”.

but that’s not true. not at all! did you ever think about they might be working on this dreams for years already, but only now dare to talk about it? now it is happening and evolving? everybody is really running their own race. and as long as you are moving forward (not with levels of candy crush that is!), you are on YOUR way to your success!

remember there is also something very special about the road to travel. yes, setting goals is amazing, trying to reach them even more, but i really feel strongly that i should enjoy every single step of the way. well. okay. not every single step. some steps i couldn’t care less, but you’ll catch my drift. enjoy your process. your growth. look back at how far you have really come. honor that.

so if you are feeling the feelz again about other people reaching their goals and you are just looking at it, remember that you TOO are running your own race. define your own success and go for that. success is what YOU think success is. for me, it’s being able to be as home as much as possible to be there for my kids. to try and understand them (even if they annoy the crap out of me :). success for me is working with my hands, paint, create mixed media canvasses, art journal and work on my online program. success isn’t about money by far. it’s about how YOU wish to live your life and then go DO IT. speed doesn’t matter. forward is forward.


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