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Revlie is so full of energy and compassion for others. Her art is so whimsical and always inspires me to pull out those colorful supplies that have been getting dusty on the desk. I have known Revlie for years and have been so impressed by her ability to take difficult life situations and turn them around into fuel for art and a more positive response. She is dynamic and bold and encourages others to be the same. Her class gave me the push I needed to put down the phone and create instead of just thinking about it!

Denise Morrison, USA

My name is Carole Morrison……I live in Chicago, Illinois, United States of America. I’ve been in contact with my friend, Revlie Schuit, for several years now! How I learned of her and her amazing talents I have no clear recollection. That being said, her artwork is amazing……and every single piece has a “piece of her soul” contained within!! My biggest thrill would be to, some day, meet her in person, sit together with her and “create”!! If you get a chance to either take a workshop by Revlie, or follow her on line, I am certain that your soul will be fed as mine is every time!! My dear friend is beautiful inside AND out!! I will always sing her praises!!! Have a wonderful day…… Carole from Chicago

Carole Morrison, Chicago, USA

Revlie took away my fears and motivated me to claim more me-time, even with a crazy busy schedule. Following her classes I learned how to break free from the “I am not talented enough block” classes. She learned me how to just let go and play with colors, it gave me absolutely freedom in creating paintings, creating mixed media canvasses and art journals. I can assure you, the price of her classes resulted for me in mental peace and creative freedom. Yes! I can be creative too now. She learned me that nothing can go wrong, that playing with these delicious paintings is so much fun to do. Actually following these courses with her inspiring way of teaching was a priceless return of investment.

Myran Vonk, the Netherlands

Every class Revlie teaches is just one big party. Revlie is enthusiastic, inspired, unique and original. her classes are very clear with a good explanation and a hint of humor here and there. she’s very accessible if you have any questions and she’s always willing to help you. I always get very inspired by her!

Sandra Scheepstra, the Netherlands

Revlie is optimistic, sees chances in everything and helps me see that that big mountain, actually is a small hill. Revlie advices from personal experiences and is not afraid to show you the ‘failed’ experiments. she is easily accessible, talking to her feels like talking to an experienced big sister, who’s qualities you would rather want to have and by whom you feel safe enough to show your vulnerability.

Myrthe Tijhuis, the Netherlands

Revlie is down-to-earth, funny, positive, creative and venturous. her words are uplifting and inspiring. she shows her real life, with ups & downs and how she deals with them. she always seems to turn something negative into something positive, and that inspires me to live like that too! I admire her how she always manages to claim her me-time, even with a crazy busy schedule. I just love to follow her classes, they make me feel creative, down-to-earth and i feel free.

Danielle Muit, the Netherlands

Revlie always manages to write the right things on exactly the right moments. she looks at things with a fresh perspective and helps me to start thinking. i love to follow her classes, even if i’m down and out, i always feel better after i did log in to the class!

Annemieke Keijzer, the Netherlands