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Watercolor “The Girl Squad” online class

Watercolor “The Girl Squad” online class IS LIVE!

The Early Bird discount is still running upto May 22, so if you want to have fun with this online watercolor class, go check it out HERE if you are a Dutchie / Belgian, and HERE if you are International!  

this online class is 100% in Englishyou can join whenever you want, this class is totally self paced. and the best: you have access for ever and ever :). so no time is running out!

in this online class I teach 5 different Watercolor Girls completely my signature style. I will show you how easy & fun it is to use watercolors, how I draw my faces and especially how you can make the eyes look so dreamy.

in every lesson there are speed up video’s and real time video’s. in the speedup video’s you can simply watch & see me create very rapidly :). in the real time video’s I will tell you everything I am doing. I’m with you every step of the way.

I have added a supply list, but you only need that if you want to recreate exactly what I did. which is totally fine. if you already have enough art supplies (do we ever?), than use what you’ve got :). NO need to buy expensive watercolors, just test & try and see what your favorites are or will become.

hope to see you soon in my Watercolor “The Girl Squad” online class! Wanna read more about all my online classes, please check out HERE.