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why is it so hard to say NO?

oh why o why is it so hard to say NO. nope. nada. not gonna happen. not for me. why do i step in my big giant pitfall of not being able to say NO for obvious silly reasons. like “i help her/him/them so much with that”, “they will still like me if i do it”, “it’s such an honor they ask me i can’t refuse”, “they will think i’m {lazy/bitchy/nasty pick & choose!} if i don’t do it”. and this list goes on. and on. and on. and on.

recognize anything? i hope not, but i’m afraid you do. it’s just since recently i’ve learned to say NO. that NO is a complete answer. that NO even is a complete sentence. that NO doesn’t need explanation. never. ever.

what helps me a lot is this quote from Steve Jobs “it’s only by saying NO, that you can concentrate on the things that are really important”. and of course you fill in ‘what’s really important”. “things” in this quote, can easily be YOU. you are important. your wishes. your dreams. your goals.

how long are you gonna follow other peoples dreams & goals? how long are you gonna be distracted by all those sweet, lovely, honorably requests? how long until you say YES to you and NO to all the things/peoples/actions that don’t help you with your YES.

just think a little about this, and think what will help you. what quote, what thought, what action (offline for a few days?!). learn to say NO and your YES is getting closer and closer and will feel better and better. promise.

if you subscribe to my ezine, i have a free e-book “Bye Facebook, Hello Focus” for you!! because saying no (for a little while!) to Social Media, brings you a state of calming flow and total relaxation so you can THINK about how you will say NO the next time something comes up you have to say YES or NO to.

a quick tip: you can always say “LET ME THINK ABOUT THAT” before you answer YES (or NO). that gives you some time to really think things through and deliberate what will work for you! that is something that really works for me lately!

let me know what you think! Why is it so hard to say no?


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