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You’ve reached my CREATIVE PLAYGROUND. this is where we play. where there are no rules. this is where we get our hands dirty with paint, our minds wonder off to beautiful places and our thoughts will be chill.

If you are looking for a fun & lovely online class, this is the right place. You’ll find classes, jam packed with all the stuff I know about creating but mostly about feeling OK, being happy with who you are and creating your little fingers off. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

Or if you are looking for a unique, vibrant & full of emotion piece of art, go check out my original Art for sale!

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There actually is 1 very important rule in my ‘classes’:




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What others say about Revlie

Revlie is so full of energy and compassion for others. Her art is so whimsical and always inspires me to pull out those colorful supplies that have been getting dusty on the desk. I have known Revlie for years and have been so impressed by her ability to take difficult life situations and turn them around into fuel for art and a more positive response. She is dynamic and bold and encourages others to be the same. Her class gave me the push I needed to put down the phone and create instead of just thinking about it!

Denise Morrison, USA