Making Art is my life. I breathe color and can’t do without my studio buddies, Jack & Loki, both male cats. One a bit more crazy than the other 😉

Revlie, Artist

Hi I’m Revlie & lovely to meet you! I have been an entrepeneur since 2000 and run 2 other companies (Business 2 Business). I taught hundreds (maybe even thousands) of lovelies how to be creative with my own online art and drawing courses. I have illustrated a lovely Poem book, and I had my own webshop & stationery line (with art journals, washitape, stickers, keychains and all that good stuff). But since 2022 I have decided to follow my dreams and be that ARTIST so I can paint every day and all day 🙂

I live in Roelofarendsveen, the Netherlands, with my husband Arjan and our 2 teenage kids Sanne & Ruben. Jack & Loki our two male cats are my studio buddies. And Leonardo the Kameleon vibes in Rubens room :).

Since 2015 I am diagnosed with Diabetes Type 1 and that can be a struggle sometimes. I do not let it get me down and have a positive look on life. And since I am here already, I can better make it count! So, if you bring the wine, I bring the brushes and we will all die happy 🙂

I create colorful, bright & bold paintings and my goal is to make you happy just looking at them. Since I had a rough childhood, I’m very focussed on living the life of my dreams and bringing as much happiness to others as possible. Using a lot of bright colors is for me the way to do that. So do look around and contact me if you have any questions or inquiries.  Love! Rev


studio In

Roelofarendsveen,          the Netherlands


As an artist I have mostly paint on my hands, so please email 🙂